Travel, Selling and Glamping Business - How Did It All Started?

Travel, Selling and Glamping Business - How Did It All Started?

How did we came up to this glamping business and tent selling idea?

Years ago, pre-pandemic, we, me and my partner, are lust travelers. "You Only Live Once" as they say. We even had our YouTube and Facebook accounts to document our travels. I love doing the drone shots! We even started doing photo and video coverages, some are for free! That's only because we want to travel. But then, pandemic came. A lot of planned flights were cancelled. We can't even easily go to malls and supermarkets or plan another flight.

All of our movements were restricted and social distancing is a must. Due to this situation, and the reality that not all are willing to be vaccinated, we came up to this idea - A GLAMPING PLACE - The Backyard Glamp.

The idea is to have a space to breathe, an open area just for the guest and their family and friends. We, as owners, are using this space too to unwind and reset. A place to have a dip in the pool while drinking some wine. A place where we can grill some foods and enjoy the conversation. A different setup from those corners of a room.


How about selling? As a kid, I am happy selling yema made by my Mom and her amigas. I am literally peddling around our Sitio just to do that. I also had a chance to sell burloloys (clips and hairbands) in front of our house, I don't know, maybe that young mind of mine knows that I can't always watch TV and I need to do something valuable. Then technology were developed, online shops became available. My first portal of selling is, that later on became OLX and now Carousell. When Shopee and Lazada became open to small sellers, I even took that chance! There's nothing bad in trying, what's bad is having regrets.

So if you're thinking of having any business, take some feasibility studies and give it a go!

As for us, we took the risk and we see the value of having a glamping business. And now, we're sharing it to almost everyone. Maybe one out of 100,000 people will be convinced. Believe me, we started from scratch, we don't have a business-minded friend to do the counselling, but you can also do it! If not NOW? WHEN?


If you want to do a background check before purchasing from this shop, I'll send you my profile, just leave a message in the chat section. Honesty is my business, as always.

Regards, Cathleen


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